Important judgments on rights

On this page; the landmark judgments regarding Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy are given. Please choose the relevant links from the information provided below. In case any judgment is not downloading; please email us at

Abolition of Bonded Labour:

Compensation to Rape Victims

Freedom of Press and restrictions thereon:

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Inter-caste/inter-religious marriages protection

Rights of Inmates of Protective Homes


Right of Self Incrimination

Right against Custodial Violence

Registration of FIR Mandatory in case of Cognizable Offence

Right to carry business

Right to unfurl national flag

Right to Free Legal Aid

Right to go abroad

Right to life and livelihood

Right against delayed execution

Rights of Arrested Persons:

Right against Public Hanging

Right to live is available to foreign citizens

Right to Speedy Trial

[Salva Judum held illegal

Welfare of Children of Women Prisoners

Women and Children Rights