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Legal Research

legal research in indiaCSLRA offers research facilities to scholars on the field and off the field on subjects of Human Rights, RTI, International Law and Comparative Law. The importance of the Legal Research in India can be understood with the basic fact that with its vide population and unlimited social issues; the legislators as well as Judiciary sometimes feel their hands tied due to lack of the academic research. Legal Research on ground level has possibilities of not only generating the debate both at the academic level and at the level of the legislation framing. We may add to the point that 2011 witnessed one of the biggest public participation in the framing of Legislation in India when while drafting the Lokpal Bill; the Public Participation was requested by the Parliamentary Committees. We at CSLRA welcome scholars from around world to participate with us on various issues of research viz Human Rights, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law and other important topics of public welfare.