Rights of Tribals

About Tribal of India

Tribals (आदिवासी) in India constitute 8.61% of the total population of the country, numbering 104.28 million (2011 Census) and cover about 15% of the country’s area. The fact that tribal people need special attention can be observed from their low social, economic and participatory indicators. Whether it is maternal and child mortality, size of agricultural holdings or access to drinking water and electricity, tribal communities lag far behind the general population.

These indicators underline the importance of the need of livelihood generating activities based on locally available resources so that gainful employment opportunities could be created at the doorstep of tribal people. There is growing need of protection of the rights of tribal community as they are least educated, they are not comfortable with the developed world due to the education and their living standards. Due to their status; they are being harassed and their rights are being continuously violated.

At CSLRA we have aimed to work for their rights. Our teams are continuously making endeavors for the same.