Volunteer With Us

Volunteering with CSLRA is involved with lot of passion and hardwork. E-mail or call us for more details.

With the objective of providing a professionally guided opportunity to socially concerned young professionals, the CSLRA has initiated the volunteer program. Apart from providing a mutually enriching and entertaining activity schedule, the volunteers learn a lot in terms of acquiring new skillset and recognition of their ideas.

We engage volunteers from varied backgrounds, as per their professional qualification and skillset or on project and campaign basis. Anybody who wishes to work with us as a voluntary can register and work with us. At CSLRA, volunteers would be expected to work under supervision of their respective associates as well as the volunteer coordinator.

Important Note: Centre for Socio Legal Research and Aid does not owe responsibility of any work done by any of its volunteer in his/her private capacity without any prior consent from CSLRA. Any misuse of the name may kindly be intimated to the Head Office through correspondence or by mailing the same to us at contact@cslra.in.

How to register?

Who can register as a CSLRA Volunteer?

Anyone can register and work as a volunteer with the CSLRA. Once you register yourself, your details get stored in a database regularly monitored and maintained at our office. You will get a call and notification from us whenever we would need your support.

How can you register as a CSLRA Volunteer?

Please submit following form to get in touch with us: