Solicitor General of India should be sacked for making big damage to India’s case at Supreme Court of India in regard to return of ‘Kohinoor’ diamond from Britain

Posted Monday April 25, 2016 by Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Kohinoor Diamond

Solicitor General of India and concerned ones at Union Ministry of Culture having briefed about so-alleged ‘gifting’ of Kohinoor diamond to British monarchy have already made big damage to India’s case for asking Britain to return $ 200 million worth world’s biggest diamond when Solicitor General of India mentioned in Supreme Court of India on 19.04.2016 that “Kohinoor cannot be said to be forcibly taken or stolen as it was given by the successors of Maharaja Ranjit Singh to East India Company in 1849 as compensation for helping them in the Sikh wars”.

It is absolutely illogical for Government of India that now it is being argued that it is not the stand of Government of India since affidavit in this regard is still to be filed at Supreme Court of India. Argument is totally senseless because even oral statements by any legal counsel on behalf of its client in the court have full importance regarding the case being argued. It is significant that in case of the matter reaching in some international court/arbitration, statement made by Solicitor General of India will be forcefully argued in favour of Britain. Solicitor General of India needs to be sacked because he made such an oral statement at Supreme Court of India without even thinking that such a statement would ultimately harm its client (Government of India) at India and abroad as has now been proved when following anguish of members of public, Government of India and ruling BJP are now giving useless clarifications.

British Prime Minister Cameron during his February-2013 on specific question on return of ‘Kohinoor’ diamond to India, David Cameron stated that he did not believe in ‘returnism’! British rulers are self-conscious by themselves of their big loot in India when Queen Elizabeth did not use ‘Kohinoor’ studded crown during any of her visits to India, even though she did use it in Pakistan during her same tour of 1960’s to twin nations.

India and other member-countries of Commonwealth nations for their self-respect should withdraw from this group which is nothing but a shameful sign of colonial British era still giving Britain a special status on member-countries of Commonwealth Nations. Everyone is aware of big controversy that arose during infamous CWG-2010 in New Delhi on ‘sharing’ importance between President of India and representative of British monarchy.

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