Delhi Police Chief should clear position on killing of Dr Pankaj Narang: Supersonic trial and punishment necessary as deterrent to prevent such lynching by mob

Posted Sunday April 03, 2016 by Madhu Agrawal

Pankaj Narang Killing

It refers to reports viral on social media about tweets by a lady Additional Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police on arrests made on brutal killing of young dentist Dr Pankaj Narang in Vikaspuri (New Delhi) by a mob incited by some miscreants. Reports on social media indicate that the said police-officer made tweets despite her being on leave. Otherwise also, such tweets were totally unwarranted because arrests were not complete till time of making tweets. Delhi Police Commissioner should take necessary action if so required against the concerned police-officer making hurried tweets before complete enquiry and arrests in the matter.

It should be ensured that trial in the case should be completed till stage of Supreme Court in a supersonic manner to ensure earliest and stringent-most punishment to criminals as deterrent to prevent Delhi becoming a heaven for law-breaking criminals free to attack innocent law-abiding citizens. Practically speaking witnesses even including family-members of the victim Dr Pankaj Narang may not be coming forward out of great fear of associates of the main accused living in that area itself.

India should follow system prevailing in several other countries where punishment in such crimes where criminals are instantly identified is made within days of committing crime without requiring so lengthy, formal and time-consuming court-procedures. Following such a system will sharply bring down crime-rates. Also law-breaking activities like encroachments on public-land should be taken as serious crime under Indian Penal Code (IPC) attracting stringent punishments.

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