Brutal killing of young dentist in Delhi: Time to check law-breaking activities through growth of jhuggie-clusters and encroachments

Posted Sunday March 27, 2016 by Madhu Agrawal

Pankaj Narang Killing

It is indeed a matter of regret and shock that political community by and large was not visible on TV channels having visited family-members of deceased law-abiding young dentist in Vikaspuri (West Delhi) brutally killed by law-breaking criminals of nearby JJ colony. If such a trend continues, Delhi will become capital of crimes with law-breaking criminals over-numbering law-abiding tax-payers with vote-bank politics giving a virtual patronage to law-breaking criminals to get more votes.

Irony is that while law-abiding community of mute tax-payers are harassed by civic and other officials for even putting a brick in their own house, law-breaking criminals are openly allowed to first erect jhuggies on prime public land later to be converted in brick-houses with vote-bank politics encouraging more and more settling of jhuggies on prime public-land as a harbour for criminals and law-breakers. What more, many of such jhuggie-dwellers encroach roads and footpaths so badly that at times just one-third of road-width practically remains to be used.

Nothing will improve till law-breaking activities of encroachments of public land either by way of jhuggies or through encroachments on roads and footpaths is effectively checked. Otherwise it will be a real hell to live in capital city of India with regular extra-ordinary migration to Delhi taking place because of easy habitation and employment through law-breaking activities.

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