Rent-dues against ex-Parliamentarians: Gireesh Kumar (7 Talkatora Road, New Delhi) tops list with rupees 2307498

Posted Friday February 12, 2016 by Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Lutyens Delhi Bunglows

Strange are our systems that government-bungalow number 7 Talkatora Road (New Delhi) could not be vacated from ex-Parliamentarian Gireesh Kumar for more than five years after he lost entitlement to retain the bungalow ever since he ceased to be a Raya Sabha member in June 2010. What more, he even did not pay for the rent for his unauthorised accommodation of the bungalow which accumulated to be 2307498 thus making him top the defaulter-list in regards of payment of rent-dues. The rich ex-Parliamentarian was earlier in news for spending lavishly on the government-accommodation breaking all rules and norms set for government-bungalows in Leyton’s zone of New Delhi. Even the single-storied bungalow was converted into double-storied one.


Study should be made on defaulters getting stay-orders from courts to ensure plugging of loopholes against getting stay-orders from courts in future by those having lost entitlement for government-accommodations or having broken other rules like illegal construction-activities in government-bungalows. Accountability should be fixed on those representing governments in courts for not being able to safeguard government-interests in courts. List of 100 defaulters reveals interesting fact that in most cases either complete rent-due has been paid or no rent-due has been paid after vacation of the government-accommodation. There must have been an auto-provision of adjusting complete pension-amount from the rent-due. Election Commission should not allow former and present Parliamentarians and state-legislators to contest any elections till they clear their pending dues and are not guilty of over-occupation of government-accommodations after losing entitlement.


Also it is an irony that huge municipal bills are kept pending and even accumulated despite non-payment of earlier bills that too at a time when many units of water and electricity are provided free to our Parliamentarians residing in government-accommodations in Leyton’s zone of New Delhi. It is indeed unholy VVIP culture that while telephone, water, electricity connections of ordinary citizens are immediately disconnected for non-payment of dues, there is no such provision for our ‘servants of people’!  Even former Prime Ministers are defaulters of dues of Indian Air Force (IAF) for use of planes for unofficial purpose. System should be to get advance payment from Prime Ministers or their political parties for use of IAF planes.

Attachment: MoUD(RENT DUE)3.2.16

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