Postal-orders should be payable at all post-offices without requiring mention of post-office of payment: RTI stamps should be issued (see attachments)

Posted Wednesday December 23, 2015 by Subhash Chandra Agrawal


In present era of multi-city clearing of instruments, it is senseless in requiring users of postal-orders to specifically mention of post-office of payment in postal-orders. Provision should be to make postal-orders payable at par at all post-offices throughout the country on payment of printed prescribed commission.

Postal-orders in denomination of rupees ten are being vastly used for payment of RTI fees, which is a big loss to public-exchequer because RTI response reveals that handling cost of a postal-order as per statistics of fiscal-year 2011-12 is rupees 37.45. It is a gross misuse of public-money to spend rupees 37.45 to recover rupees ten towards RTI fees. With postal-orders of denominations below rupees ten since discontinued, it is injustice for users of RTI Act in not providing a convenient mode of payment of copying charges below rupees two.

Department of Posts should reconsider repeated CIC-verdicts for introduction of special RTI stamps in denominations like rupees 2, 10, 50 and 100 on lines of earlier-used Radio-TV licence-fees for payment of RTI fees and copying charges under RTI Act also to save hundreds of crores of rupees for Department of Posts in handling postal-orders widely used for payment of RTI fees and copying charges. Department of Posts should make a study on handling-charges of postal-orders used as payment of RTI fees and copying charges under RTI Act, which will be an eye-opener for the Department itself necessitating issue of RTI stamps.

Attachments: CIC Postal Orders verdict

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