Vice President rightly requiring auto-expulsion of disruptive members

Posted Sunday December 20, 2015 by Subhash Chandra Agrawal


It refers to Vice President Hamid Mohammed Ansari rightly suggesting at Business Advisory Committee of Rajya Sabha for auto-expulsion of disruptive members in the Parliament, following critical remarks by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for chairperson of the Rajya Sabha also responsible for not taking adequate steps to check disruptions. It may be recalled that the then Vice President M Hidayutullah once became so emotional so as to immediately leave the House with tears in eyes perhaps to sign his resignation letter when he was termed like a Headmaster by a Rajya Sabha member during proceedings of the House on his trying to control unruly members. However sensing such a situation, some responsible members rushed to his chamber for not taking any such step.

However permanent remedy is to abolish Parliamentary immunity so that unruly behaviour and criminal activities of Parliamentarians may be challenged in courts. JMM Parliamentarians were acquitted by Supreme Court because their bribed act of voting in favour of the then government was considered immunised being done during Parliamentary proceedings. Parliamentarian Rajesh Manjhi escaped with a minor punishment of expulsion for a month’s sittings of Lok Sabha for a serious unpardonable crime of taking his girl-friend in name of his wife in a Parliamentary delegation. Parliamentarians detected for having filed fake air-tickets for availing reimbursement for Leave Travel Concession (LTC), escaped by putting blame on their personal staff for the big fraud even though documents for getting LTC amount reimbursed were signed by those Parliamentarians. No action taken against a Parliamentarian tearing copy of Women Reservation Bill despite big majority in support of the bill, proves that political parties exhibiting public support for the bill do not want in practically passage of the bill.

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