Our Constitution needs major additions

Posted Monday December 07, 2015 by CSLRA India

We have celebrated Anniversary of our Constitution on 26th November and our Prime Minister of India has pronounced in the Parliament that there is no proposal of bringing changes in the Constitution and he even said that that any change in the constitution shall be suicidal.  We must admit that our Constitution is well drafted and it is covering all the fields of administration and it was only possible because the the drafters of our Constitution were having so many written constitutions before them and help was taken to complete this constitution.
But we must admit that when we were drafting provisions for elections and for establishing our State Legislative Assemblies and our Parliament, we could not provide and prescribe age, qualifications, training, expertise, experience and merits of candidates and it seems, these provisions were omitted by those who were heading the writing of our constitution.  The people in politics were avoiding all these provision in the Constitution because, then they would not be able to bring their own people in the line of politics.  Actually the people who were heading us were interested in establishing family rule, party dictatorship, family autocracy and individual autocracy and they specifically wanted that people in our august houses should not be of higher education, training, expertise so that most of the people present in the august houses must be just ‘ just yes sir ‘.
And since  they had been giving admission  in politics only to those who could be utilized for establishing family rule, party dictatorship, family autocracy and individual autocracy, to establish and continued, all others who could establish political parties, also continued with this tradition of admission in their own parties.
And the result is before us.  We had started upon operating on the constitution on 26th January, 1950 and had been conducting elections since 1952, but till date, we could not had a look on our major laws those had been passed by the British to keep us slaves.  Most of the time in our august houses had been wasted in just shouting and creating troubles and we must accept that most of the people present in our august houses are not fit to sit in these houses.  They do not know what are the problems of the people and how those problems could be solved.  If we conduct an examination, most of them would not get pass marks in hat examination.
Therefore, we should establish a Constitution Committee who should prescribe age, educational qualification, training, expertise, experience, health, past antecedents and the like for those who are seeking elections to these august houses and there should be an entrance test before they could get party tickets.  And we should not leave the right of selecting and appointing ministers to the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers, but the parties and alliances must give to the people ‘[ Shadow Cabinets ‘ so that the people could see that proper people are elected to head as ministers.  We must see that people appointed as ministers are not lower qualified than those who shall be working under them.
So till next anniversary of our Constitution, we should appoint this Constitution committee so that they may look into the matter and we should add a chapter in our Constitution providing the basics for those seeking elections.  We have already wasted 70 years and we should not waste more time working with these politicians who are heading us and are just wasting our time, energy and resources.  Once such provisions are made in the Constitution, our universities shall be starting courses for training people for this field too.  When the British had prescribed some minimums for the field of executive, we should prescribe some minimums for the legislative wings too.  And this may be done in the Constitution itself so that this field should become part of the constitution.

Dalip Singh Wasan Advocate

 101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala.

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