Public-interest demands Parliament to function at least for legislating bills having consensus (see also attachments)

Posted Friday November 27, 2015 by CSLRA India


Monsoon-session of Parliament was virtually washed out because of continuous disruptions in Parliamentary proceedings by the opposition making people of world’s largest democracy deprived of many important legislations like on ‘Goods & Service Tax Bill’, ‘Right To Services & Grievances Bill 2014’ etc. Opposition in larger national and public interest should cooperate in passing these and other such bills at least on which there is unanimity if necessary without any discussion in Parliament before unholy tradition of Parliamentary disruptions begins in winter-session of Parliament.

An RTI response reveals that Chairpersons of both Houses of Parliament have sufficient powers for taking action against members disrupting Parliamentary proceedings, but never utilise in practice. Neither ruling side ever forces chairpersons to follow such rules because such following of rules may harm them when they move to opposite side in future. Best is to suspend Parliament after initial day of disruption till opposition agrees to allow smooth running of Parliament, rather than spending too much on daily allowances and other daily costs in running of Parliament.

However permanent remedy is to abolish Parliamentary immunity so that unruly behaviour and criminal activities of Parliamentarians may be challenged in courts. JMM Parliamentarians were acquitted by Supreme Court because their bribed act of voting in favour of the then government was considered immunised being done during Parliamentary proceedings. Parliamentarian Rajesh Manjhi escaped with a minor punishment of expulsion for a month’s sittings of Lok Sabha for a serious unpardonable crime of taking his girl-friend in name of his wife in a Parliamentary delegation. Parliamentarians detected for having filed fake air-tickets for availing reimbursement for Leave Travel Concession (LTC), escaped by putting blame on their personal staff for the big fraud even though documents for getting LTC amount reimbursed were signed by those Parliamentarians. No action taken against a Parliamentarian tearing copy of Women Reservation Bill despite big majority in support of the bill, proves that political parties exhibiting public support for the bill do not want in practically passage of the bill.



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