Unfortunate deferring passing of GST Bill: Wastage of public money should be avoided through disruption in Parliament

Posted Friday August 14, 2015 by CSLRA India


It refers to virtual wash-out of complete monsoon session of Parliament resulting in not passing of crucial Goods & Service Tax (GST) Bill which was very important and necessary for economic reforms, simplified tax-regime and ensuring much-desired uniform price-structure for all commodities throughout the country. However still there is a ray of hope when Union cabinet rightly decided not to prorogue Parliament keeping doors open for both Houses of Parliament to meet at short notice.

It is senseless to continue wastage of money in disrupted sessions of Parliament after initial day till a compromise is reached between ruling and opposition sides. Moreover in larger national and public interest, all bills like GST Bill having vocal support of majority of members should be passed without discussion at the concluding day of the session. When Congress had almost lost public-support for its not allowing Parliament to function, it was corporate-petition urging Parliamentarians to pass GST Bill, which again reversed the swing with Congress getting ammunition to call present government as corporate-government.

Things could be perhaps set right if Prime Minister would have accepted demand to be present in Parliament, which otherwise also his prime duty. Also it was totally a non-issue to highlight Rahul Gandhi using paper-slips during his address in Lok Sabha, which is a usual practice amongst many Parliamentarians.


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