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Private member’s bill for free medical treatment to poor and indigenous people

After the unfortunate incident of Mohd. Nazir surfaced; the team of CSLRA decided to work for the cause. At present we are in the mid of drafting a private member’s bill to be introduced in the Parliament which shall cover the issue. The poor people of India do not have an access to the medical facilities when it comes to the chronic disease are concerned. The Government Hospitals are overcrowded and the Private Hospitals are charging hefty amounts for treatment. Thus, a need is felt that poor persons or extremely ill terminal patients who are unable to take treatment should be provided an alternate way to get costly treatment with the help of the Government. It has been held by Hon’ble Supreme Court that Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution of India includes right to health also. Thus the state is duty bound to protect the said right. We at CSLRA are drafting a bill in this regard which shall be provided for review very soon before the same is sent to the Parliament.

Assisted by Mr. Mayank Singh of Amity Law School, Noida as intern.

Updation of resources/research section of the portal

We expect to introduce the Constitutions, Criminal Codes and Criminal Penal Codes of various important and progressive Countries of the world under the single domain for the help of lawyers/students and research scholars. We shall try to link the resources section with latest research over the subject. With our specific focus on the International Comparative Law studies; CSLRA is committed to provide easy access to most of the resources. Our team is currently working on the same.

Campaign against custodial torture

Raising campaign against the custodial torture by public servants.

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