Free Legal Aid in India

Legal Aid

Article 39A of the Constitution of India provides for free legal aid in India to the poor and weaker sections of the society and ensures justice for all. Article 14 and 22(1) of the constitution also make it obligatory for the State to ensure equality before law and a legal system which promotes justice on the basis of equal opportunity to all, In 1987, the Legal Services Authorities Act was enacted by the Parliament which came into force on 9th November, 1995 with an object to establish a nationwide uniform network for providing free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the society on the basis of equal opportunity. The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) has been constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 to monitor and evaluate implementation of legal services available under the Act.

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Free Legal Aid in India; its eligibility:

The Free Legal Aid in India include:

  • Payment of court fee, process fees and all other charges payable or incurred in connection with any legal proceedings;
  • Providing Advocate in legal proceedings;
  • Obtaining and supply of certified copies of orders and other documents in legal proceedings;
  • Preparation of appeal, paper book including printing and translation of documents in legal proceedings.

Eligible persons for getting free legal aid in India include:

  • Women and children;
  • Members of SC/ST;
  • Industrial workmen;
  • Victims of mass disaster; violence, flood, drought, earthquake, industrial disaster;
  • Disabled persons;
  • Persons in custody;
  • Persons whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 50,000/-
  • Victims of Trafficking in Human beings.

If you fall in any of above category; fill fcontact form or call us at +919915442266/+919056111165. The Free Legal Aid queries will be addressed by our professionals.

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