Campaign against misuse of Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code

Section 498-A; since its enactment has baffled the rights activists. It was created due to give protection to women after marriage. However, against the widespread belief; this Section has been misused by the people for their vested interests. At CSLRA we believe in equality before law. So, we are continuously raising our voice against improper use of the Section by people for their vested interests.

Justice for Mohd. Nazir

Mohammad Nazir,a Agra resident and father of eight children has written a letter to the President of India seeking permission to kill six of his eight children as they are suffering from a neurological disorder and he is unable to take care of them due to bad financial health. CSLRA has written letters to the Prime Minister of India and various Chief Ministers giving suggestions for securing life in such cases where the patients have no means to get treatment. We are continuously pursuing the Governments on this issue.

Justice for transgender community

Hon’ble Supreme Court in a landmark judgment National Legal Services Authority versus Union of India directed respective Governments to take various measures in order to secure social justice for this community which has always lived life in a neglected manner. Despite after passage of 6 months time for compliance of the judgment; nothing has been done yet. CSLRA has filed various RTIs before the Governments in order to secure information regarding welfare schemes formed by the Governments in compliance of the above judgment. CSLRA plans to move various High Courts for compliance of the judgment pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court in 2014.

Campaign for Women Safety

Women safety is of paramount importance and Hon’ble Supreme Court from Vishakha’s judgment to various other judgments has maintained that the Governments are duty bound to protect women from miscreants of the society. At CSLRA we have taken the task into our hands. We have filed various RTI’s before Governments seeking information of compliance of such judgments. CSLRA plans to approach various High Courts on this issue in order to secure justice for 50% population of India.