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About Us

Centre for Socio Legal Research and Aid (CSLRA) is a public charitable trust established to serve society and public at large by way of creating awareness about law and justice. Strongly driven by Gandhian Principles, CSLRA is an independent, non-political, nonaligned and non-profitable legal service, aid and advocacy organisation that aims to uphold democratic values in the society and works to accomplish liberty, equality, justice and fair play for every individual.

In a society where cultural, economic and political dimensions are rapidly transforming at a global level, CSLRA has originated at a time when promotion and protection of law and justice in the light of human as well as individual rights has occupied a very crucial space in the overall development and progress of the society. Socially, protection of humane values has primarily been considered to be the responsibility of the administration, therefore, access to law and justice for the poor or uneducated lot is often hard to accomplish.

It is against the above backdrop that the CSLRA has been formed as a responsible and knowledgeable Social Action Entity to address the deep founded problems pertaining to inaccessibility of legal aid or justice in the microscopic thread of Indian society. The trustees envision to create an organisation which can noticeably fulfil the voids in the system, related to legal framework and policy making, to promote effective governance and apt administration by giving further impetus to the core democratic values.  It aims to render legal aid to empower poor people to assert their right within the framework of constitutional governance.

Currently, CSLRA operates out of a humble-cum-energetic office in Chandigarh, the capital city of the states of Haryana and Punjab. Based at a cultural hotspot of four states including Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, it is operational throughout India.

“At CSLRA we dream of changing the society with our consistent efforts. Join us in the campaign!”

Ravinder Singh Dhull

What we do?

At CSLRA, we dedicate ourselves to promote and protect impartial justice and law in the society as a responsible Social Action Entity by taking the administration and governance systems on board with total commitment to the Constitution of India. In its endeavour to make law accessible to all, the CSLRA pledges to use Legal Processes and Constitutional System as a tool for empowerment.

To achieve the objectives envisioned during the formation of the trust, the organisation is closely working with in-house subject experts as well as field professionals and like-minded organisations round the clock to create a resource base and device newer and effective means to create multi-layered legal awareness in the society. In keeping with the core values, the CSLRA is always in search of newer ideas and platforms that would help take the society one step ahead towards a more legally aware and responsible world.

How we do?

Ownership and Partnership of micro tasks is what we propose to achieve the results at a macro stage. Taking small steps, one at a time, is what we practice to achieve bigger results.

Taking optimum use of methodical research, analysis and effective advocacy, CSLRA develops, conceptualises and promotes latest ideas, influence others and directly assists key role players including decision makers, if the need be, and advocates to put in place successful action mechanism to deliver desired results that matter to people across the country. Adopting a total nonpartisan approach and situated at the cross-section of court practice, education and research as well as state-specific and national policy making, we strive to keep the communication flow going by tying them through a united fabric.

CSLRA also offers quick-response, low-cost, no-profit and pro-bono legal aid and research opportunity to those who would otherwise, perhaps, not have access to the judiciary due to various problems including socio-economic barriers. Our activities involve a strategic mix of litigation at various courts permitted by law of the land along with cases at the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

Through education, policy research and advocacy, CSLRA seeks to upgrade the vital knowledge and resource bank for public consumption meant to be used for and by the society. Being a Social Action Entity primarily counting on legal and policy intervention, strategic communication campaigns often forms a part of the plan. The activities of CSLRA principally involve the intervention with judiciary, legislature, executive, media and citizenry.

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